Dan Suckow is a Washington State photographer focusing mainly on local sights, scenes and wildlife. His career of 40+ years (now retired) as an electronic engineer by trade greatly complements the technical requirements of photography. Married to Janyce (an accomplished painter and musician) for 44+ years has provided significant exposure to art and greatly aided in the artistic side of his photography.


With an interest in photography since childhood, his devotion to capturing images and creating photographic art has intensified in recent years. He has won numerous awards in art and photography shows and juried exhibits. Dan recognizes that photography is a never ending journey to develop not only technical abilities to capture what he sees, but more importantly to see the image in the first place. His conviction to generate photographic art is based less on what the scene looks like and more on how it feels and moves him. What he finds most rewarding about photography is how it forces him to look more closely at creation and develop an ever increasing appreciation for the awe and wonder that surrounds all of us.